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Trim Contour was created out of the need for an effective, safe  weight loss program to help people lose extra weight quickly and keep it off. It is not only simple to use, but contains the most effective ingredients available for weight loss.

Our biggest accomplishment over the years has been helping people begin to love their bodies again by losing weight. The success stories are endless!

The Woman Behind Trim Contour

The creator of Trim Contour, Deirdre Stephens, was the first to create a product of this kind in the U.S. Trim Contour was created from over ten years of scientific research and clinical study on weight loss. Trim Contour is the industry standard in safe & effective weight loss.


Deirdre Stephens

Owner & Creator of Trim Contour

Deirdre Stephens has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After struggling for years with her own weight, she began to explore how weight loss works and what is most effective for weight loss. Through her extensive research, she was able to create an effective diet protocol and through her scientific exploration she created the first oral, sublingual weight loss product available in the United States. Deirdre has continued to refine and enhance her products. Her latest product, Trim Contour, is one of the most advanced and effective weight loss products available.

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